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To teach arts is to nourish love… from a line to the eternity
In my method, you start with drawing a simple line. You will then start your journey with sketching and familiarizing yourself with preliminary techniques of sketching. This takes a few sessions, depending on your potential.Subsequently,you will start etching/Chiaroscuro and you will continue along your path towards color-making, and coloring your sketches with color pencils.
You will then start to experiment watercolor techniques. At this stage we will commence to hold outdoor workshops and we will experience the very essence of nature together. After qualifying, you will start to work with color acrylic.
After each semester, which consists of six sessions, you will receive a detailed report explain your progress and performance.
After thorough examination of your reports and analysis of different test results pertaining to color psychology, you will receive advice on which methods and techniques to follow. But YOU have the final word!
At that point I hope you will have overcome your fears of playing with colors and you will continue on your path more professionally.
The necessary time period for your progress depends on you and your mind.
Aside from progressing in arts, most of my students have achieved a higher level of joy and peace.
Throughout our journey, my greatest goal for you is to learn the fundamental principles of sketching by heart and to etch them in your mind.
Art is among the greatest gifts of God and if somebody is blessed with this, it is their divine responsibility to transfer this strength to others.