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Mona Tehranchi, born on 19Aug1979, started her professional path in arts in 1992 by participating in different training courses such as acrylic, watercolor, and pastel techniques. She has participated in dozens of art shows and she has held four successful solo-exhibitions.Her works of art have been selected in many invitations by art institutes. She has been actively involved in various fields of art including professional photography, music, fashion design, interior design etc. But she has selected drawing to be her professional line of work.She strongly believes that art is beyond the routine and earthly pleasures, and it is the only miracle to transform people into true human beings.The combination of classical and modern art is a fundamental element in my work” she says.

The collections of Tabas, Under the Sea and texture with acrylic are a few examples of her art works which have been registered under her name in the ministry of culture.After receiving her art testimonial from the ministry of culture and an honorary bachelor’s degree in 2005, she started teaching drawing techniques.

 “I am currently working on texture with various techniques and playing with color. I have plans for promoting different branches of art. I hope my goals, which at the first step include beautification of the mind and satisfaction of the eye of the beholder, are soon manifested.”
 “My greatest wish is that a day comes that Iranian art is no longer orphaned and the lost pride of real artists is revived.”
 Sincerely Mona Tehranchi